Upon the close of a successful year, and the start of a new year, I write about the value of optimism. I came to understand, in my opinion, what makes a child enter the world and also, what makes a person ready, after their place here is coming to an end.  They both arise from the same concept – a belief that there is something more available.  The something more is the promise of perhaps, a greater or a missed love and an excitement of a life beyond the place the child is or the grandparent is.  The purpose of the change and all of the necessary movement to get to the new and distant place is to realize the optimism.

What does any of this have to do with Bastien Advisory Group? Well, for us, 2015 was remarkably and noticeably positive and 2016 is slated to be an even greater year than 2015.  The simple reason is, I took a nod from a baby and my grandmother, and decided to explore the unknown.  The unknown for me being life beyond what I had known for 20 years.  As you know, I decided that it was time to live life by the values that I cultivate and spend each day thinking through and embodying via action.

Bastien took on the following projects since opening its doors officially in September:

  • Guided a Private Equity firm through due diligence and recommendations for a portfolio decision
  • Leadership around strategic business recommendations for a family business & executive coaching
  • Development of strategy and growth opportunities for a high growth company, backed by Venture Capital

That work was beneficial to Bastien Advisory Group and most important, to our clients.  This next year, we look forward to:

  • Unmasking the business a bit more and providing insight into our distinct and divergent business concepts
  • Growing the team
  • Diversifying into other services and industries

Each year, something remarkable happens in our lives. Sometimes, the remarkable is that nothing much has changed.  Often, the remarkable is that a path has opened and we are headed toward the new domain.

Bastien is about to turn up its engine, and while the train left the station officially 3 months ago, we are starting our first leg of a major journey.  The business launched with strong success, the doors are open, the client work has begun in earnest, but the best is yet to come. Jump onboard at any time – that is the advantage of us knowing each other or being able to network in.

May my clients, colleagues, friends, and family find reasons to find new territory each year to learn, to stretch, and to grow.  I optimistically and enthusiastically wish you a notable 2016 and I hope that our paths cross this year in a meaningful way.