Bastien Advisory Group consults regularly with executives of Fortune 100 organizations, high-growth companies, and specialized businesses. Our solutions build company-wide sustainable capabilities.


Thoughtful strategic planning enables our executives to collaborate with our clients’ executives to create internal accountabilities and establish sound governance forums for decision-making.


Through our pragmatic and fact-based approach, we provide expertise in the creation of requisite business improvements, enhanced risk management, and advocate for tools that create efficiencies.


No company wants to repeat mistakes. They are costly and they prohibit growth. We understand how to navigate through critical change.  Our clients emerge as stronger organizations, internally and in the market.


  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Transformation
  • Governance
  • Navigating Regulated Industries
  • Cost Reduction through Centralization
  • Data & Analytics
  • Interim COO Leadership

Client Success Stories

Transformed Corporate Culture's DNA

Created enterprise culture change by eliminating silos, enhanced governance, and workforce engagement.

Established Strategy & Governance During Crisis

Established and governed a portfolio of strategic change priorities; implemented a new technology that tracked, analyzed, and reported on a leading bank’s resolution of external demands, now and in the future.

PE Due Diligence

Conducted due diligence and provided recommendations for 2 acquisitions.

Interim COO

Interim COO for a high-growth risk management services firm; established infrastructure to scale.

Data & Analytics

Utilized empirical data collected from 7,000 employees that demonstrated culture change.

Executive Advisory

Advised Business Line CEO of a Fortune 50 financial services organization, as crisis was emerging.

Market Growth Strategy

Teamed with CEO of a family-owned business to define and capture new market as company transitioned between generations.

Automated Enterprise Risk Management

Established the roadmap that managed enterprise consumer risk; implemented an end-to-end automated workflow technology for early identification and tracking of engineering risks and issues.